What is Digital Africa ?

Digital Africa is an open and inclusive innovation approach, in the spirit of the commons, which aims to support African entrepreneurial dynamics, drive innovation through digital technology and support the emergence of entrepreneurs with an impact.

To do this, it relies on three pillars: the platform, the association, the label


The platform

The Digital Africa platform on which you are currently browsing has been designed as a crossroads of the innovation ecosystem in Africa. Entrepreneurs, investors and innovation facilitators can meet, exchange, collaborate and share resources with each other to strengthen collaborative dynamics in their respective sectors and communities.

The label

The Digital Africa label is the guarantee of a strong commitment to digital innovation in Africa based on the values of collaboration and sharing. In the medium term, its purpose is to provide
labelled people and structures access to a personalised path on the platform, second-level resources and access to partner events. It is now a strong marker for identifying players known for the quality and rigour of their commitment to digital in Africa.

The association

The association, which manages the platform, is a consortium of public and private actors whose mission is to promote concrete and innovative solutions, at the local and international level, to promote African business ecosystems.

The entities that make up the company to date are as follows:




The commons in action

The platform, the association and the label are driven by a common thread: that of promoting the commons in Africa and in the rest of the world. In other words, to mobilize resources used by a community that embraces common values and uses. These uses are governed by rights and obligations. The aim is to promote an open approach to sharing digital or material resources with as many people as possible, while ensuring that they are constantly enriched by the Digital Africa community. It is therefore in an approach of innovation where everyone contributes to have access to the contributions of all that Digital Africa is part of its approach. That of innovating, together.