Business creation

Number of procedures and time required to start a business

Number of procedures for business creation[2015]
Time to start a business[#days ;2015]
Doing Business, Roland Berger
  • Business creation remains complex in Africa, hence the need to be supported by an operational support organization.

  • In 25 African countries, the time to start a business is longer than 21 days (world average). However, many countries have been able to streamline the process (such as Cameroon and Morocco).

  • High taxes are a bottleneck for entrepreneurs

Access to the population to the Internet and mobile services

Internet access [per 100 people; 2015]
Access to mobile phones [per 100 people; 2015]
  • More than 50% of Africa’s urban population is online, mainly through a mobile phone.

  • Mobile penetration increased by 11% per year between 2008 and 2013.

  • By 2013, Africa had more than 800 million mobile subscribers.