Digital Africa Campus

A capacity building program for entrepreneurs

Digital Africa offers through this training dedicated to African entrepreneurs, 100% online meetings (in French and English) to strengthen their capacities through knowledge-sharing and skills-building formats, with content enhancing entrepreneurial resilience, through the federation of high-level partners.


A first pilot program at the beginning of the 2020 summer

In July 2020, a first pilot program – the Resilient Summer School – is launched. This online animation program of entrepreneurial communities includes 2 main components:

  • a free #Masterclass cycle, axed on entrepreneurial resilience in time of crisis in Africa, co-designed with our partners
  • #MeetAnEntrepreneur weekly meetings, experience sharing sessions dedicated to the winners of the Challenge of the 1000

A #Masterclass cycle starting July 2020

The Resilient Summer School #Masterclass cycle will start July, the 7th, 2020, with 7 primary sessions – in French and English:

  1. OPENING SESSION: Quand l’African Tech innove face au COVID-19 : comment les contraintes permettent aussi d’accélérer les transformations vers une nouvelle résilience africaine ? – in partnership with Emerging Valley & Partners – Date: July 7th 2020 at 4pm GMT
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  2. Comment communiquer et réévaluer sa levée de fonds en période de crise ? – in partnership with ANIMA Investment Network (DiafrikInvest / THE NEXT SOCIETY) – Date: July 16th 2020 at 4pm GMT
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  3. Managing risks: how can startups anticipate and adapt? – in partnership with Viffa Consulting – Date: July 21st 2020 at 4pm GMT
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  4. Comment mobiliser son équipe et attirer les talents en période de covid-19 ? – in partnership with SIBC – Date: July 30th at 4pm GMT
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  5. How to use your creative problem skills during times of crisis? – in partnership with Fem Start – Date: August 6th 2020 at 4pm GMT
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  6. Comment repenser son Business Model post Covid-19 ? – in partnership with Sèmè City – Date: August 13th 2020 at 4pm GMT
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  7. How has Covid-19 affected the VC and Fundraising landscape? – in partnership with VC4A & partners – Date: August 20th 2020 at 4pm GMT
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This program will be enriched and completed in the coming weeks.

Free and open to all, these webinars have learning objectives:

  • Accelerate the acquisition of SU skills in order to promote their sustainability 
  • Contribute to building their capacity for resilience 
  • Create a collective learning dynamic 
  • Federate a knowledge-sharing community

#MeetAnEntrepreur: an online entrepreneurs’ knowledge sharing and mentoring program

With these sessions, around 10 innovative entrepreneurs identified among the winners of the Challenge of 1000 becomes a keynote.

Entrepreneurs in different categories/sectors, such as #agriculture, #health, #water, #e-commerce, #logistics, #education, #transport&mobility, #energy, #wasteManagement, will present its journey and share its experience and background.

This program is reserved for the Winners of the Challenge of 1,000.

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